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Kawaguchi Halal Food is your AUTHENTIC HALAL FOOD shop. Our business is developing, manufacturing and packaging frozen “Ready-to-Eat” cooked and uncooked, 100% Halal, Vegetarian, Vegan, special diet and ethnic meals that delivers outstanding taste and quality while maintaining the highest level of food safety. We provide Halal Food Products to institutes, Healthcare, Senior Homes, Big Chain stores and many independent Retailers. Our aim at Halal Fine Foods is to produce and distribute 100% Halal foods to all Muslims around Japan with the finest taste. You can trust Halal Fine Foods to add value at every stage because we know our field. We grow when you grow.  Our products planning stage is very flexible and we can work with you to prepare edible provisions that best suit your needs.  Our line is consistently expanding with new and innovative products and we currently have many items in our product portfolio. Halal kitchen has also been fortunate and successful while staying focused on expanded business. We exceed our customer’s expectations by using an artisan approach to crafting our different products. With only quality ingredients in all our products we have created a loyal following of customers provincially. We believe that nothing is worth doing, if it isn’t done RIGHT or done BIG.                            

President & CEO
Company Name / 会社名 : Kawaguchi Halal Food
President / 代表取締役 :
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〒169-0073, Tokyo, Shinjuku-city, Hyakunincho 2-20-1 / 東京都新宿区百人町2丁目20

Phone : 03-6908-8493
Fax 03-6908-8491
Home Page : www.kawaguchihalalfood.com
E-mail : info@kawaguchihalalfood.com

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